Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Project That Wouldn't Die...

Actually this project hasn't been as bad as i might have made it sound. Just lots of repetition, kind of like typing lines.
i was sure i had finished it but it turns out that the project wasn't quite so done after all. Mistress said that each item has to have a description of 20 characters or less. 'White lace top that You really like (have to wear both pieces)' was a wee bit long. It now reads 'T-white lace'. T is for 'Top.' It didn't take as long as i feared it would to finish but hopefully the shortened versions will work and be clear enough for Mistress to know what it is. The whole thing might make me miss the times when She kept me in just my undies (although i really doubt it).

Manila time is perplexing. I asked a few people here if the Philipines observes daylight savings time and everyone said that they don't. Now that i am back it is obvious that they do. It is an hour earlier here than it used to be. I've put a chart below...

Basically i am 12 hours + 1 day different from most of my SL people (aka the east coast). FYI, this chart assumes that the information in the Internet is correct and i assume no responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies.

Wow... what a great idea! i am going to start using disclaimers all the time.

"i'm sorry Mistress but You can't punish me for that because of my disclaimer. i've had my legal people look it over and it is iron-clad."

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