Friday, March 13, 2009

Listen [next line] very [next line] closely

Mistress did it again... She said something and prefaced it with a... call it a warning? Advice maybe? Anyway, same as before - she prefaced so i listened and made the huge intellectual leap that i should blog about it.

Mistress decided that She was in the mood for a game of Body Language and was watching me carefully. All that we said was in emotes and she made it clear that i was to be quiet and just post emotes. It took me too long to realize what we were actually doing and even once she told me, i needed an over-long explanation and reminder of how emotes are supposed to work and even what my role is in SL.

It went like this:
  1. Mistress gave a description of what her body was doing, her expression, her position in the chair, etc.
  2. i responded with an emote expressing feelings of confusion, frustration, i tried to be funny
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for maybe 10 minutes. Only once or twice did i reciprocate and give Her what She was giving me - a 'visible' clue to what She was feeling via how She presented Herself - and honestly the few times i did, it was really just dumb luck.

This was harder for me to get than it should have been and Mistress was so patient with me. i am surprised i didn't end up having to do an essay.

She gave me some clues... [1:56] Jacquelin Mazi: you watch peoples eyes.... they watch things that happen..... where your eyes focus tells a lot... how they focus... wide.... soft.....tear-stained ... terrified...

... but then really boiled it down for me. The way She would like it work is that if she say something like "/me leans forward to scratch your ear," that means she actually DID scratch my ear and i am to respond as if she had.

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