Friday, March 27, 2009

Why i am a bad person:

i met a newb who had been in SL for a few months and was running around with only an open trench coat on. He was so clearly a lost cause and making such a nuisance of himself that i couldn't help myself:

[1:01] Steven Westminster is now banned from using Axlotl. Good thing too.
[1:02] Axlotl Cheevers shrugs
[1:02] Steven Westminster: hallo Axlotl
[1:03] Emilee Gackt: Nice work on that avatar Steven.
[1:03] Chyenna Jewell: giggles
[1:03] Axlotl Cheevers chuckles
[1:03] Axlotl Cheevers: I think the "anatomically incorrect" look might be coming back into style.
[1:04] Axlotl Cheevers: Might never be as hot as the "VIP" tag, but you never know...
[1:04] Kali Eiren giggles at Steven
[1:04] Kali Eiren waits patiently for Steven to flash everyone from inside his trenchcoat
[1:04] Steven Westminster: Boo!
[1:04] Emilee Gackt waits for him to finish typing.
[1:05] Chyenna Jewell: giggles
[1:05] Steven Westminster: Get lost!

After this he wandered some more, stuck in a typing animation, flashing gestures at everyone (but thank goodness that was all he flashed). It is definitely the shoes that make the outfit.

i just couldn't leave it like that so i tried to help:

[1:51] Emilee Gackt: Do you speak English Steven?

[1:52] Emilee Gackt: Hello?[1:53] Steven Westminster: hallo emilee, no, my englisch is verry bad...

[1:54] Emilee Gackt: Can you READ English?

[1:54] Steven Westminster: no, sorry

[1:54] Steven Westminster: i speak only german

[1:55] Emilee Gackt: Sie m├╝ssen Hosen an setzen. [You need to put on pants]

[1:56] Steven Westminster: wieso ? ich habe doch eine Hose an [Why?]

[1:57] Emilee Gackt: Sie schauen l├Ącherlichen Steven. Leute lachen an Ihnen. [People are laughing at you]

[1:58] Steven Westminster: oh...ok

He wandered off again after my attempt at helping him and showed up a few minutes later with pants and no trench coat. i may have to give up on poor Steven.

Once again Blogger, may you die a thousand deaths for not letting me set my own line spacing.

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

You are not a bad person. A funny and sometimes mischievous one--which is good--but definitely not a bad person. Trust me on this. Jan smiles.