Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where is Jan when you really need her?

Mistress took me shopping last time. When She announced where we'd be going i responded happily and was looking forward to it. i got the idea afterwards that Mistress felt like i had in mind the shopping trips of my past where i would go trolling for outfits with money burning a hole in my virtual wallet.
i suppose in the back of my mind that might have been true but mostly i was just glad to see Mistress and be with Her. Shopping with Her was an added bonus.
So we shopped for maybe 30 minutes, i won a lucky chair (plaid slave silks - how odd is that?) and she bought me another set which I labelled (at her suggestion) '*TSR* Kadin in Red/Gold - Mistress likes these.'
The TSR etc, part was already there; i added the bit about how she liked them on me.

When we got home she gave me $400L to buy an outfit that i felt she would like but really at the time it seemed to me that it was just to go have fun with; it was one of those peeks at Mistress' kindness and humanity that she lets seep out sometimes.
It is funny how living very simply in SL - being given little control over what you have, how you live - can change your perspective about things. It was like i was given this immense stack of money and was trusted with it. i was almost scared of losing it somehow and certainly scared of misusing it.
Earlier that night, Mistress made an announcement:

[8:37] Jacquelin Mazi: .... your colors.... now and forever... ruby/red..... I prefer gold for jewelry for you... silver does not work for you so much... hair and complexion all things considered... also teal/turquoise will work for you.... SOME white and SOME black... but I am a bit leery for that.... black works for you on pants... maybe not so much for tops or silks... and also greens work for you too

So it was clear that i would be getting myself a red outfit that i hoped Mistress would like. It is funny now how panicked i was about where to go and what to get. i had this tremendous urgency about it. i had to get it done right then and probably sacrificed selection for speed.
i went to Nyte N Day (of course) and went straight to the pant suits. Do they call them pant sets? Anyway, i wanted pants because the last time i wore a dress, She told me that long skirts are not for a slave (with the exception of a hobble skirt, and i actually considered trying to find one in red no less).
i found something that is truly and deeply 'Emilee' looking:

Emilee Gackt, fashion icon.

Based on Mistress' lack of objection to what i normally wear, common sense told me that it was likely that She would at least tolerate this, which for me - most of the time at least - means that she likes something on me or that i've done. Hopefully that will be true of this.

i was honestly relieved when i found this and sent back the remaining money. it is so opposite what i am used to in the real world where i am given much and trusted with much. in SL i am given little and trust is sacred.

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

Yay! I am so happy that you got to go shopping! Limitations or not--hey it is shopping. Jan smiles!