Wednesday, February 25, 2009

8 times

i counted tonight. It took 8 attempts for me to finally get logged in to SL tonight.
  1. Password misspelled
  2. Password misspelled (i should perhaps wait a few minutes after i wake up before i log in)
  3. SL has this habit of changing my preferences for me. The 'Run SL in a Window' box keeps getting unchecked, which resets the screen resolution (?) but it makes my mouse pointer invisible. i have to to hold down the power button to restart my laptop, then restart SL, check the 'Run SL in a Window' box and then login, hopefully with the right login credentials.
  4. Logged in as per #3 and my laptop totally froze up (another of SL's impolite habits). i had to to hold down the power button to restart my laptop, then restart SL, say a little prayer and login again, hopefully with the right credentials.
  5. Region is still in the logout process, try again later.
  6. You can't login right now, try again at [whatever time it was 6 minutes later].
  7. Same as above.
  8. Finally, after all that trouble, i got in! Woohoo.

Once i did get in, i watched as line after line of things that i am restricted from scrolled up my screen. Mixed in all of that was a warning to go to mouselook and type a mantra. i kept pressing 'M' to go to mouselook and SL kept not responding. i pressed CTRL-T to open the chat box to type the mantra and SL still did nothing. Lag perhaps.

Sometimes it sucks to be a slave. It ALWAYS sucks to be a slave locked in a box in the basement and not be able to go anywhere or do anything other than type mantras.

So i typed mantras and felt more ridiculous with each one i typed. i hate that i keep earning this suit and i hate that this time it was for something so foolish.

i had a call this morning (or yesterday depending on your perspective) with the VP in charge of the project i am working on. It is called Quicken even though it has nothing to do with the software company.

The client (the Australian company that we have been working for) has approved another round of hiring which is good news for a lot of people, especially the people that they are hiring.

i am going home probably on Monday and will be there until about 3/17 or so.

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

I am sorry you are back in the suit again. I know it is a pain in the butt for you. But she knows that unfortunately. Oh, well.

How many times have you found yourself wishing it was Monday. Probably not many. I hope you have a great time at home.