Sunday, February 22, 2009

When Mistress is in a hurry...

Mistress was on early tonight and i felt lucky to see her log in. She had to leave early though and had to leave in a rush. She normally has more time than that when She goes. i felt:

  • Like i needed to be quick about what i said and told Her. She normally offers me the chance to ask questions and has even told me that She builds in time for me to ask. Still, even when she isn't in a hurry i feel rushed. Who am i to keep Her from the things She needs to do?
  • i was losing out on Mistress time. i was expecting bonus Mistress time and was disappointed when She said She'd be leaving early. i hate that i sounded so needy there. In fact tonight She said that i was needy and i wasn't sure what She meant by it. Could it have been that? i doubt it.

We purged a few people from Mistress' group. i always feel sad for these people. Mistress is an intimidating person to most people and it seems that she scares them away. It is kind of ironic in a way. She is giving these poor people just what they don't realize they are looking for and it makes them run away. 2 of the 3 people we looked at stopped logging in to SL after they talked to Mistress. i guess that makes me extra tough? i doubt that too.

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