Monday, February 9, 2009

So busy!

It feels a little 'off' talking about my job here. It is supposed to be about me in SL. I guess if I talked about cake, I can talk about work. It is even kind of relevant.

It looks like things are finally settling down for me and instead of jumping back and forth between projects, I will be attached to just one project for the next three weeks. Who knows if that will actually happen but as of now its the plan.

The relevance? Well if I am only working one project, I will only have one project's worth of work to do, which will mean more time for SL. Hopefully.

I finally got some time to do some sightseeing this weekend. We all went to a waterfall and got completely drenched. Maybe I'll post a picture or two with Mistress' permission.

So, back to SL.

It seems like so long since I've seen the people in SL I care about. As I was typing this, someone on my list logged off and that blue box popped up. I felt a little thrill when I saw it and then felt sort of deflated when I saw who it actually was. That sounds mean I'm sure but I am sure that everyone has a few 'fringe friends' on their list. Was it Rachelle? Jan? No. Mistress? No. Someone fun? No. Oh well. I have plenty to do to keep myself amused while I wait for another blue pop up box.
Oh - I almost forgot! Today's cake:

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