Friday, February 6, 2009

Interesting facts about being made to wear diapers

  • Not surprisingly they are very uncomfortable, especially when used
  • I can't imagine a more personal thing to let someone else own
  • The Filipino version of 'Depends' is called... ready for this? 'Dr. P.'
  • They are surprisingly cheap here. A 12 pack costs about $3 US.
  • It is utterly humiliating to be typing this
  • Mistress didn't ask me to put this and I am wondering if I should delete it.
  • Mistress would want to know how I feel
  • I'm not going to delete this post

I forgot to share my emotions today. I felt a few things all kind of in a rush and was sort of overwhelmed. I feel ashamed that I will apparently always have this struggle with sharing that part of me. The good news is that I understand Mistress more clearly than I ever have and I realized fairly quickly why she was doing what she was doing. It was because I am hers to enjoy doing things to.

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