Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dog blog

At the hotel they have these adorable bomb sniffing dogs:

I finished with work tonight and wasn't feeling great so I decided to go and get take out from a Vietnamese place across the street. I usually stop and pet the dogs because I feel like they must be sort of lonely and have kind of a strange life without one person that belongs to them, kind of like Lucy has me.

I was in a mood when I left and this time just walked right past the dog without stopping to pet him. On the walk across the street I realized that I'd just treated him how Mistress talks about treating me. He was an animal and if I stopped to pet him it would have been a gift of kindness. I didn't want to be bothered with it though and to the dog, it really probably didn't matter much. He was probably daydreaming about his next bowl of dog food.

The difference between me and the dog is that I have feelings and the ability to reason. I kind of envy the dog since he never has to fight with reason like I do. He acts, reacts and barks from his heart, just as Mistress has been asking me to do.

It was more of an epiphany for me than this blog makes it appear. I felt kind of bad for the dog but not so much for myself. For the dog, he doesn't know any better. For me, I am trying so hard to be brought so low.

Also... what are the guys in the background doing to each other? Maybe they should get a room...

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