Monday, February 16, 2009

The room where i never go

Mistress and i were talking and She stopped and asked me about a cage in the basement. The door had just opened by itself probably due to some SL glitch and She of course looked at me more than curiously. i didn't open the cage and told Her so and She of course believed me.

The thing about that cage is that i hate it. Who knows how it opened. It doesn't matter. What blipped into my mind was that there is this thing in the basement of the house that i pay for that i loathe and abhor. i hate the entire room in fact. How odd it is that i am glad to have it there because Mistress wants it/needs it/call it what you will.

We spent a good bit of time together, finally. The whole time i had the concept of the basement on my mind... that cage. Mistress put me through some painful things tonight (or this morning for Her) and at the end of it i thanked Her. Really sincerely thanked Her.

After She does what She does to me i feel drained, glad that She is done doing what She has done but mostly i feel closer to Her.

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