Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The worst part

Overall, life as a bane was a trial but no so much as I though it might be. It has been long, lonely and frustrating. I think that the anonymity has kept me from being too humiliated. The truly difficult thing about it has been being put on display; being referred to so objectively and just being watched and looked at, being shown to other subs. Thank goodness I'd finished maintence before that was shown off as well.

[9:55] Jacquelin Mazi: tick tock to the little banished girl...

I was as glad for the company as I was irked at being stared at.

I somehow made a friend who figured out a way to 'talk' to me. At first he'd send notecards and I could read the titles. I declined them all (of course) and then he added me to a group and started sending group notices. He sort of adopted me in a way; he made me a little hut and assured me that it was safe to go in. I (of course) wouldn't go anywhere near it. He somehow set his land so that no one else could enter it. I'm probably in big trouble for even accepting the group invitation. I'll find out soon enough I suppose.

I had a visitor today; I think I was on her land. She was so incredibly thick! I would walk away from her and she'd floow along like a puppy on a leash. I'd TP to an adjacent sim and within a few minutes, there she'd be. She showed up at one point riding a whale and waving. She was within 3 or 4 meters more than once. I finally TP'd to a random sim and very luckily, didn't land on a rooftop.

I have less than three hours left and I find it odd that I am both anxious (a lot) and reluctant (a little) to leave my suit. It is so lonely and boring but there is so relatively little to worry about; no decisions, no responsibilities, no typing numbered lines. Just solitude, some shame and some occasional panic.

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