Monday, May 26, 2008

Too easy

I had this thought overnight that this is too easy; it occurred to me that maybe they did me some favors in processing and didn't 'turn everything on,' similar to how I was treated in Gor. From what people had told me - 'this is by far the hardest thing you'll do in SL' - I was expecting it to be a lot more cumbersome or me.
  • I was expecting obscured vision (like in the story)
  • Perhaps forced mouselook.
  • I thought that extensions would come more easily and was sure that the three that I committed wouldn't go unpunished.

It's funny that if this were a conversation with Mistress, her reply would likely be something like: "Oh, it's not hard enough for you? We can fix that."

I just can't imagine a 24 hour sentence growing into 180 hours like Bleuzy's. She must have willfully misbehaved. Or maybe I'm just missing part of the point of this. Is there something I'm not getting? Why would she let herself be imprisoned like this for that long? My mind is just boggled.

[9:04] Windchant Ikarus: *** IM blocked by your viewer
[9:04] Windchant Ikarus: *** IM blocked by your viewer
[9:06] Windchant Ikarus: *** IM blocked by your viewer
This guy Windchant decided to come and visit me. He read my profile, I'm sure. I kept moving away and using that 'No!' gesture and he kept coming closer and closer. I'm sure I'll have some violations because of him. When I TP'd away I landed on a road. There are sensors that detect when my feet touch prims. Thanks a bunch Windchant. You ruined my spot and very likely have caused me more time in this wretched suit.

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