Friday, May 23, 2008

Too easy so far.

I'm locked away in my suit and have nothing but time to think. Where can I go and be in solitude, away from violations? Somewhere wide and open, free of prims (a violation) and people (a violation). Ahah - the beach!

I did a search for 'beach', sorted by traffic and skipped to the very last page. All of these place must be empty all the time. My first 'home' was an empty lot in a village. I missed the beach by a few hundred meters I'd guess but thank goodness I didn't land on any prims. I was in the middle of a lot in the middle of bunches of buildings.

My island is deserted and apparently for sale. There is zero traffic here and I picked this beach based on the search picture. Lots of wide open sand and nothing else but a 'For Sale' sign and a palm tree.

People! Bugger this! "Lets gawk at the freak!"

I am alone and in a lovely place. The moon on the water and the rhythm of the waves is just splendid. I've gotten no custodian warning for being here or for teleporting. I pray that I won't find that I've broken some unstated rule.

The wheel on my mouse has a setting that lets it spin freely so you can scroll to the bottom of a long document very quickly. In SL, spinning it zooms the camera all the way out for a very wide view or all the way in, which puts me in mouselook. I use it so much that it's become habit for me to spin it over and over, forwards and back. This caused my first violation. As far the custodian is concerned, being zoomed out so far is the same as spying on someone. This has happened twice so far. Hiding in plain sight was turning off that option or switching mice for a time. This would have been smart to do after the first violation. Why then did it take two? I am quite thick at times.

The custodian sent me for maintenance for the first time. What a shock that booming voice was. It invaded my entire world. So loud! It isn't as if I'll be listening to my iPod. Or anything. When I landed at the maintenane station there were two peope there, both quite closer than 10 meters. Not enough that I would have to be force evacuated and fed with them right there. I get the added bonus of wondering if I will be getting a proximity violation as well.

I returned to my beach. I have a waterfall and jumping dolphins.

Your visits are bittersweet. I feel so helpless; I can't even wave. I want to run to you and kneel there in front of you. I want to curl up and sleep all this away and wake up to see you.

[23:37] Jacquelin Mazi nods lightly act
[23:37] Custodian: Jacquelin Mazi : /me nods lightly actually missing her gackty girl

[23:38] Jacquelin Mazi keeps it in her
[23:38] Custodian: Jacquelin Mazi : /me keeps it in her thoughts

I am so alone when you leave. I am so alone when you are 11 meters away but when you leave, especially after saying such sweet things, my beach seems like a prison.

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