Saturday, May 24, 2008


I just got a group notice about an 80's party being held at the place where was trained as a ponygirl. I wouldn't have attended it even if i could have but being told there is a party and knowing that I CAN'T go is a bit much. It's so impersonal. It would be different if it was Mistress who told me I can't go or even a mother/child scenario.

Should I leave all my groups for now? Or keep them and at least have the occasional group notice to read?

Oh here's a good one. I decided to keep my groups (most of them anyway) for now. I just got a group IM which made me smiled slightly; I thought it might be fun to follow along in a group conversation. It was Portugese spam. Low price/ Preço baixo, $2 à 80 lindens. Why do these people think that spamming = advertising? Are there really people dumb enough to go looking for things that are so Preço baixo? Gimme a break.

I joined a few more groups - a couple of bookish ones and a political group - thinking that there might be a bit of intellectual group chat to read. So far: nothing. Maybe I'm being impatient; I only just joined them about three minutes ago.

Either way, I am noticing little reminders of my status. I can't open my inventory, my Delete key doesn't work. I can't jump and I am scared to even press the Fly button.

In case you hadn't realized it yet, this blog has bacome a sort of running tally of my thoughts and trials. My goodness am I glad you had me set it up. I'd be so lost without it. It's such a tangible connection to you.

Down the beach from where I spent last night I found a floatie in the water, just a few meters out. I must have missed it in the dark since I walked right past it on the way to my 'spot' last night. It seems that it was made for two; both of the poseballs say 'snuggles.'

What an odd thing it is, the world I create for myself in SL. I see those snuggle poseballs and think of how nice it would be to find myself a beautiful, intelligent man and just float there, laying back on his chest. We'd talk about books, Europe, movies... it would be a delight. Not so odd right? The reality I have waiting for me if I ever get out my suit is kneeling and fretting over every keystroke I type. The odd part is that if I were given the choice between the two, I'd be at a loss.

My thoughts while I am in this suit are so amplified. Normally I'd have paid no attention at all to those poseballs. Now people pay no attention to me.

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