Sunday, May 25, 2008


So little time passes and so much seems to remain.

I keep thinking how nice it will be when this ends; what will it be like with Mistress? I want to just be held and taken for ice cream and shop; will I be gagged and made to type numbered lines instead? It's as if one sentence will end and another will begin and my time here goes so utterly slowly. But didn't I get myself into all this? Isn't all this just what I wanted from SL? Haven't I shopped enough and gone looking for a challenge?

/me smiles! I just got this in from the custodian in her too loud, too impersonal voice:

[6:23] Custodian: : Weekly update received from central monitoring network. :[6:24] Custodian: : Violations totaled, no sentence extension applied. Continue on this path, E-8495. :

I'll continue in this path of sitting, existing for the rest of my sentence. How many days has it been? Only since Friday? My goodness. I have so much time remaining.

I keep getting group IMs. It is so exciting to hear that IM chime when it squinks. I have so much to say to these people, some of it helpful, some a bit snarky.

[6:41] Sexyback Akina: can i ask why i cant get access to the shop?

[6:41] Emilee Gackt: *** IM blocked by sender's viewer

[6:41] Anarchy Tigerpaw: maybe they are doing another sale?

[6:41] Amandalynn Lockjaw: its under construction

[6:41] Galandriel Alvord: i think they moved the shop

[6:42] Galandriel Alvord: i went there from a nearby shop and there was nothing there

[6:42] Sexyback Akina: i just joined :). thank you all

It's as if by trying to help, I just end up advertising my status to everyone in the group.

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