Monday, May 26, 2008


Emilee Gackt's 'Custodian'
Lock: Locked and very secure
(by Green Geary)
Time: 12:5:0
Left: 12:5:0
Best: 12:5:0

I just finished half of my sentence. I'm not sure what to think exactly; it's been hard and demeaning and lonely but not as much as I was made to think it would be. I keep bracing for some shocking surprise - like I'll be punished for blogging and have a day added to my sentence.

What were those others that I talked to doing to get such heinous extensions? Surely they realized that it is best to lay low and avoid everything and everyone. Perhaps they were more daring than I am but something this shameful should create some discretion. At has in me at least.

I thought I might celebrate or be glad, happy, smile, etc. when I made it to this point. I'm just bored and and ashamed and alone.

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