Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finally free, sort of.

When I first when back home, I was dismayed to see the cages you'd installed in the apartment. I'd just finished my time a portable cage and I come home to see permanent ones. In MY own apartment no less! I did offer Mistress the use of it though and even went as far as 'my home is your home.' In fact, that point was made very clear to me today. What is mine IS hers.

When we went shopping I was oddly ill at ease. It was awkward somehow, and even when I went later, by myself I felt the same strange agitation. It was as if, for the forst time, I didn't have the need or even the desire for more clothes. That suit changed things for me, at least temporarily. It might have been the newness of being yours. Either way, shopping was an oddity.

My goodness these assignments are time consuming. It is a good thing of course that I have a Mistress who understands that there is so much more to a relationship like ours than handcuffs and pose balls. These assignments - the writing in particular - are every bit as much a part of domination as the suit was or as a gag or cuffs or a whip. These are much deeper; these assignments are mental and intellectual domination, not just physical.

One of my assignments is to research chastity belts; another to get a gag updated. It's so odd that I willingly do these things, that I know I'll be frustrated and angered by them and yet off I go to get a new gag and to research chastity belts. Having to do so is delicious, as will wearing them be. Delicious, enchanting, distasteful and disagreeable.

Having these things forced on me is what is so tantalizing; having no choice and way to resist. That was the charm of the bane suit I think. I was helpless and free.

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