Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sometimes when I login, Mistress greets with this or something like it:

[23:10] Jacquelin Mazi: shhhhhhh
[23:10] Jacquelin Mazi: not a word

I'm not sure why or what it is about that greeting that is so compelling to me. From her, I much prefer that to anything else.

Tonight it was all Mistress, all night. No punishments (well maybe one small one but only because she was in a good mood), no assignments, nothing but a few hours spent hanging out, which is a decidedly un-Mistresslike thing to do. A Mistress doesn't 'hang out.' A Mistress keenly observes her surroundings.

We went to the Ranch and I was given a lovely compliment but really it was for Mistress:

[23:59] Kian Hancroft: Your pet is the most impressive put together avatar in here [imho] I thought to pass the complimental thought on . . .
[23:59] Jacquelin Mazi smiles
[23:59] Jacquelin Mazi: thank you Kian.... I have worked very hard on her to make her one of the best hopefully

We had a very happy night tonight and I am glad to have seen her. Tomorrow will be a looooong day though. I am only going to get a few hours sleep but it is worth it.

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

"(well maybe one small one but only because she was in a good mood)"

You crack me up! :-)