Sunday, November 23, 2008


I ordered a pizza for dinner last night and walked over to get it with Lucy. The pizza place (a little neighborhood store called Domino's) is only about 1/4 mile from the house so Lucy and I usually walk to pick up our order instead of having it delivered.

On the way home I noticed a man with a dog coming towards us and so I veered off towards Walgreen's (another local shop) to avoid any potential leash tugging and pizza dropping. As I stepped off the sidewalk behind Walgreen's, my foot landed on a largish rock that I hadn't noticed because I had a leash in one hand and a pizza in the other. My foot rolled off the rock and when I collapsed in shock/pain, Lucy came and started licking my face. Somehow the pizza survived.

I called Dave, who had is phone on vibrate and didn't hear me call the first 9 (NINE) times. He finally noticed that his phone was lit up and came and got me, Lucy and the pizza. My ankle is turning all sorts of shades of blue and black. It really is charming to behold.

Dave gave me one of the pain pills he had left over from his eye surgery 2 years ago, which konked me out in a flash, but of course meant that I was in lala-land rather than in SL last night.

I waited for Mistress for about 30 minutes or so. I am hating the time difference between us. Between that and our opposite work schedules, our times online together are too rare. Same with Jan but that is more due to my sudden busy-ness at work than our time difference.

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

Ow is right Emilerin! I feel like being motherly and telling you to go get your ankle x-rayed. That does not sound good. I hope it heals quickly.

Sorry you are all nakedy again in SL. You are definitely the nakedest friend I have in SL. Jan laughs. But you are the sweetest too. I hope to see you soon.