Saturday, November 29, 2008

I got a decent chunk of time with Mistress last. Finally.

I also got a decent chunk of cherry pie on Thanksgiving so in a way, Mistress is a lot like cherry pie. Sweet and tart with a flaky crust and both are yummy with ice cream.

Anyway... I'm back in the world of the clothed and the speaking and I must say that in a way I'm disappointed. Mistress had planned a rather lengthy curriculum for me and has had to change her plans.

She described some things about a mutual friend that were so true of me. Kind of a vague sense of needing approval, needing to belong to someone, needing to be protected. There is more of course but really the heart of it is just what I feel and just what Mistress gives me, regardless of whether she knows it.

If our friend can find what I have in Mistress then I wish her nothing but happiness. My mom's husband would correct me and tell me I should say 'naught but happiness.' Good thing it's none of his beeswax I guess.

It makes me sad that our friend will not find another like Mistress. She is unlike any other.

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