Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mouselook is SO...

...bloody annoying but how is it possible that i keep forgetting about it when i log in? Everything is all black for me every time i log in and the first idea i have is that Mistress has me in some box in the cellar, all locked up for doing something dumb. i suppose that is actually partially true in a very small way but still, it seems odd even to me that each time i log in i am surprised to find myself dealing with mouselook again, which is a serious bugger.

i'm still working on trying to get my subfolders labelled and so far the advice i have gotten is to do just what we've already tried. Additional serious bugger.

[6:56] Rowan Tunwarm: - i already checked this and we've tried it

[6:56] Addy Broome: There's no "standard"... Yep, could have guessed that.

[6:57] Cherle Tigerpaw: I prefix mine with a > Possibility for next time i see Mistress; Be optimistic about it gackty!

[6:57] Addy Broome: Only the first folder has to have a # (#RLV). Yep, figured that.

[6:57] Addy Broome: If you prefix with a dot (.folder) it won't show up in the listing. Yep, found that out by labelling every single one of the subfolders with a dot.

i told Mistress i'd be online at 6 this morning and i didn't wake up until about 6:30. Oops. Not sure what happened there actually. i distinctly remember setting my alarm for just before 6 but when i checked it just now it was set for 9:45 pm. The buggers are just flying around here today!

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