Monday, July 6, 2009

Have we tried this?

i found this on the web:

Structured Inventory Menu (EasyStructure):
You have so much subfolders in #RLV that you want to structure them? Then give each subfolder you want to see in one submenu a prefix, starting with '#'.Example:#RLV
- #RR collar
- #RR Gag
- #RR Blindfold
- #RR Police
- #RR Shackles
- #Dari Gag
- #Dari BlindFold...

The Attach inv menu will then contain a button 'RR...' and a button 'Dari...'. Pressing that buttons you will get submenus containing the buttons for each folder.

i'm not sure if this refers to the main subfolder or the folders within a subfolder.

Also, i am truly weary of being in mouse look for the last week + but i shouldn't complain. There are many worse things that might have been done to me.

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