Saturday, July 18, 2009

Managing things post Manila

i guess i got spoiled in a way while i was in the Philippines. With my family (small but still a family) so far away, i got used to being able to log in to SL whenever i wanted since i wasn't taking time from anyone or anything else that i cared about.

Now that i'm home it's quite different and i made a decision to log in according to a schedule (every other day). Honestly it was as much my idea as Mistress' but the point is i am spending less time in front the computer and more time in the pool or reading with Mr. Gackt, walking Lucy, going out with friends... all the things that you do in a normal life.

And i'm happier because of it.

And it also means that seeing and hearing from people that i care about in SL is even more special since i see them less frequently, especially when those people are busy themselves... getting married or just having a challenging go of it in RL.

i'm glad to have my RL and SL somewhat in order.

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