Monday, July 6, 2009

Another RLV suggestion

[6:55] xx Reyes: (Saved Mon Jul 06 03:10:20 2009) sorry i missed your question earlier. if you have not already read it Marine has a detailed blog entry on the subject of RLV folders at and
[6:55] xx Reyes: (Saved Mon Jul 06 03:11:32 2009) i have seen some collars, or maybe it was the Mars Ring; i forget now but one of them required subfolders to also begin with a "#" sign...
[6:55] xx Reyes: (Saved Mon Jul 06 03:11:54 2009) and in general the items don't show up but the foldernames do...

So i checked Marine's blog and found this:
  • Every folder that does not contain an outfit (i.e. it contains only other folders) begins with a ">" so that its name comes first in the list, and the user knows there is more to it when clicking on the button.
  • Every folder that contains an outfit (even if it contains other sub-folders, for instance if it has no-mod items) does not have any special character in it, and is sorted normally, going after the ones with ">" in the list.
  • Every folder that contains an outfit, and is contained into a folder that contains an outfit too (ok it's getting complicated) is like an "option", an "addon" to the aforementioned outfit, so it's getting a "+" sign at the beginning. For instance, "+ Corset" to my "Leather mini" outfit, since I may or may not wear the corset part.

So far i have two theories for labeling RLV folders waiting to be tested:
  • My Outfits folder is labelled with a suffix (... at the end)
  • My Pants folder is labelled as per above.

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