Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hanging around

i sat around for a while doing that Mistress hates that i do - sitting around. When i realized what i was doing, i went to the Ranch and almost immediately got into a nice conversation with a man from Canada.

He had a blank profile and had only been in SL for about 2 months so i launched into my standard newbie sermon:
  • Put something in your profile
  • Get an AO
  • Stop with the constant lol-ing!
  • etc.
In the middle of it all he asked if i was sure that i was submissive. It seems odd to me that people don't feel that a submissive person could or should give advice. i wasn't trying to control him; i was just trying to help.

At some point while we are talking he asked how long i had been submissive. Is this something that people learn to be or something that people are. Is it like enjoying a flavor of ice cream or more like being left handed? i've always felt that i was born like this and the experiences i've had in life have brought it out in me. It isn't something i decided to be. It is something i am.

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