Friday, September 4, 2009

World Wide Industries?

i get these random notecards about every week or so from World Wide Industries and until now i had just been deleting them. i finally opened one and the place seem legit but why in world are they sending them to me? i somehow got my name on their group list but there is no group even close to that in my picks.

i feel distant from Mistress lately and it is my fault. i either do the wrong thing or i do nothing and either way it seems like i make the wrong choice. i do love Her and my times with Her and to tell Her that lately seems dubious given how i have struggled to truly please her. i am smart and clever and am at a loss over what to do to try to 'lure' her into SL more often.

She'd be frustrated by that... She would say that if i wanted to please Her i would and could. Maybe i am more self-centered than i realize or maybe just more thick-headed. The times when i have managed to please Mistress have been truly satisfying but they have been mostly while She is here. As it is, i give Her very little motivation to even log in and so this cycle begins but how do i break it? What do i do to please her when She is rarely here?

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