Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i sometimes go to a website where the guy who writes it just fills it with his top ten lists of whatever he happens to feel like ranking. The address is http://listverse.com and when i read it i always am amazed at the amount of work he must do to put it together. He is very opinionated sometimes and i wonder who is this guy to say that XYZ is the #1 thing of it's kind? But still, it is interesting to read through it sometimes, as much as it bugs me.

Mistress gave me a few lists today and i am sure that if she continues with her lists i will have a love hate thing with Hers too. i was glad to get everything all in one place from Her, free of my interpretations or permutations but they really forced me to look at my more unattractive side... the side of me that i make my SL family settle for.

Sorry everyone. You all deserve better.

i got a nice loooong list of things i need to get done and plenty of lines to do. Like an overflowing cornucopia of lines. It's like i am a complete line glutton.

i really do hate lines. they are boring and tedious and i can't be too creative with them so the challenge becomes typing each one a little differently. When i have to do gobs of them, my mind goes blank and i stare at the monitor, drooling sometimes.

'What am i doing again?'

'Oh right... lines.'

The thing is though... each line i type really is a link between me and Mistress. i stopped seeing these as a punishment long ago. They are just something that she makes me do now and as a punishment they aren't really proving to be a deterrent. They do keep me in my place though and keep Her at the top of my pointy little head.

She had me holding a mug of tea in one hand today. i was dismayed at how quickly it started to get heavier and heavier but the big challenge was typing one-handedly. That was actually dismaying also since it seemed like i typed more quickly and accurately with one hand than two.

i am about to type something i know i will regret. It would be interesting to test that theory somehow to see if that is possible. i can see it now, as i explain my new typing style at work:

'Oh i type this way now so i can hold a tea cup.'

[7:17] Jacquelin Mazi: I just watched you making tea and toast
[7:17] Jacquelin Mazi: it felt like I was reading instructions on cell phone operation
[7:17] Jacquelin Mazi: dull

My solution to the above dilemma? Try to find an emoting class somewhere in SL and learn (re-learn?) to invest some emotion in my emoting. Familiar challenge for me isn't it? Trouble adding emotion... being emotionless... emilee the stone.

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