Sunday, September 6, 2009

Close call

Mistress came to my rescue once again. i hope that i never appear to be less than totally grateful and blessed by Her. We had a bit of a drawn out conversation over the house concerning rent and prims and such and while we were trading emails, the house we've been in for probably over a year was actually up for rent. If someone had rented it out from under us... *shudders* Mistress would NOT have been pleased.

She and i have been the victim of bad timing lately. Bad timing and me being very busy with a lot of things in RL which at this point seem to have slowed a bit for me. i've been missing SL and Jan and especially Mistress. When i spend this much time away from Her, i feel loose somehow. Not really distant but it is fair to say that when i am with Her i feel closer to Her or course but also much more under Her thumb; much more controlled and less at liberty to do whatever i feel is right which, if i put it another way, means that i screw up less.

i can just imagine Her response to that: 'So you are blaming ME for your screwups?'

That is the last thing in the world i mean to say or even imply. She has a presence and a power that just make it so much easier to be good when i am with Her. It is one of Her strongest features. Actually... all of Her features are among Her strongest features.

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