Thursday, September 17, 2009

About Mistress

Mistress had a short meeting with another potential and it ended too quickly. The poor girl didn't know what she walked away from.

Mistress is hard to be with and that very thing is what is most magnetic and captivating about Her. i am lucky that i sort of eased into a life with Mistress. i am not sure why it worked for us. In a way, i picked Her and She accepted me and things just clicked for us.

All the times that things have been miserable for me with Her, all the lines and essays and recently even tears (yes - tears from the emotionless emilee gackt!) have been obstacles for me. They have all gotten in the way of being with Her. If i could have managed to do as She asked and expected, who knows where i'd be now?

She is hard to be with perhaps but for me She has been totally addictive. All those miserable times have been worth it somehow and the thing that is the hardest to explain is that all those miserable times paved the way for even more miserable times.


This slave that walked away from Mistress IM'd me tonight. She said 'hello Miss.' i sent her a note but i wonder what she wanted. i can't IM or chat at the moment so the note was my way of not ignoring her.

There is one other that Mistress told me about but i am still trying to catch her online.

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