Saturday, September 12, 2009

The long and winding #RLV road

i sent an IM to the RLV group about how to access the #RLV folder in my inventory using my collar. After finally finding out what brand it is, people had a few suggestions:

  • Use the RLV button in the menu (i don't have that button in the menu)
  • Use the 'outfit' button (i won't see that until AFTER i get to the RLV menu
[6:29] Emilee Gackt: i don't have either of those buttons in the menu.
[6:30] lauren Zipper: then you have been locked out

When i was asked what brand the collar is, i checked it in my inventory. It is a i belong to Jacquelin Mazi model, so people said to go to edit to find the creator and go to his store to see if there is a help notecard available. Someone even sent me a LM to the store (Captive Elegance):

Bottom line: RLV is an impossible dream for me.

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Chili Theas said...

LOL, I have finally had a chance to catch up with your blog and that remark on the "i belong to Jacquelin Mazi" model really made me laugh. So.... take care and don't cry too much.