Thursday, August 27, 2009

What was he expecting?

[23:31] Husky Laryukov: Hello girl , what are you doing here ?

Old school, possibly Gor or ex-Gor.

[23:33] Emilee Gackt: Just doing a bit of profile browsing.
[23:34] Husky Laryukov: Girls with collars get my attention rather quickly , I must confess

Odd... why would someone bother? Is it the thrill of wanting what you can't have? Or... actually i don't have an 'or' here. i just don't get that.

[23:34] Emilee Gackt: Really? Why is that?
[23:35] Husky Laryukov: lol ...Because I am a Master, my sweet

Oh excellent answer! It is all so clear now!

[23:36] Emilee Gackt smiles. "Well yes, i understand that but doesn't a collar mean that the slave is taken?"
[23:37] Husky Laryukov: some like a collar just for the feel of it, they feel naked without it

That one actually was a good answer.

[23:37] Emilee Gackt: Ah. i see.
[23:38] Emilee Gackt: In my case it is more that that.

He just finished reading my profile.

[23:39] Husky Laryukov: yes girl, I understand

i am glad He does because i don't.

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Lotofquestions said...

/me smiles...
You were obviously in a pretty bad mood...
When I see that conversation, I just see you making him pass for an idiot and... Hmmm... I find you rather nasty with that one.
Or maybe you wanted to make a point that I missed...