Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chatting with Mrs. B

Jan finally got back from her wedding and honeymoon. i'm not sure how long it was since i saw Her last - probably a month? It was nice to see Her again and see that things are as they were (at least for now) in SL.

She has a clothes shop - Dubrovna Fashions - and last night she told me to bring Mistress and anything we want in the shop would be free. i told Her i would and after a reflected on that for a while it occurred to me that i wouldn't bring Mistress. i would tell Mistress about Jan's offer and then wait for Her approval. Mistress is not mine to be bringing places. i am hers to be brought.

Either way, i like the thrill of going places with Mistress. i truly never know if i will end up with a nose beep (yay!) or more lines to type (boo!) and the stress of trying to stay on my toes for my entire time with holds this anticipation that is mingled with anxiety. Call it anti-ticipation?

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