Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tonight's major events:

Not much really.

Tonight's minor events:

i decided to rekindle an old hobby and go hunting for a newbie to befriend. my first stop was Help Island and the newest person i could find there was born in 2008. Who took all the newbies?

While i was there i saw a woman in a dress that seemed like it was very well done. It was black and had sheer red silk trim that fit just perfectly. i asked where she got it (not that Mistress allows me to wear dresses but she does allow me to browse to my heart's content) and went to look at the place - Skin Flicks.

The dress was $300L! Maybe i'm getting cheap in my old age but that seemed like a lot to me for what it was.

Speaking of old age, the search result fior Skin Flicks said they sell old people skins there:
  • i couldn't find any when i went
  • Talk about niche marketing
  • Only in SL could you talk about selling 'old people skins' and have it be perfectly appropriate.
The store adjacent to Skin Flicks (i've never used that phrase so often in such a short space of time before) had this for sale:

Seriously? There are men that care THIS much about how their SL feet look? Sheesh.

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