Thursday, August 6, 2009

Success at last?

Not totally but i am FINALLY getting close to getting things in Mistress' magical folder to work.

There needs to be a folder for everything and everything needs to be in its folder but it gets tricky:
  • You can have folders and subfolders and the main folder can't contain anything that attaches anywhere (those need to go in a subfolder)
  • Folders with modifiable items need to be labeled one way way and...
  • Folders with no mod items are labeled and structured entirely differently.
Once the folders are set up it is really just a matter of clicking the right menu options. That took some learning for me and hopefully i did it in the same way that Mistress has become accustomed to. She will be pleased at the end of this long saga but less so if She has to re-learn what She already knows.

After all the searching and grousing and grumbling i did (silently and to myself of course) about this project and it was Mistress who eventually found what we needed to make it work (i still have some configuring to do but i truly feel like it is doable at this point instead of just lost and confused like i have been so far).

i am grateful to Her for Her patience with this. Not to undervalue the gift of Her patience but i feel like it came from Her own frustration over this. It seems so much more complicated than it needs to be. i am glad that i at least get the chance to do the actual work of moving things and getting it all labeled for Her.

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