Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RLV ad nauseum

RLV was made to add some realism to things in SL and to make the life of subs and slaves more of a challenge. It has been doing that to me lately but not in the way that anyone intended.

We need a new collar (apparently - or anything with Marine's scripts in it) to make it all work as it should but it isn't as easy as me just running out and getting a new collar just like that.

  • Mistress owns my money so it will be Her decision what i buy or don't buy.
  • She owns ME and so i can't just go and do something so important without Her permission, input and guidance.
  • She will likely have another suggestion (or more) before we get to the point of starting with a fresh collar (or other device).
  • She knows a lot more about how RLV was initially set up in my inventory so She might have other ideas about what to do.

My latest effort:

[20:40] Emilee Gackt: Once i set up the folders full of items to share with RLV, how does someone else use those items? [This was asked of the RLV Support Group]


[20:40] Addy Broome: through a compatable device or collar
[20:40] Jill Freenote: either with the outfit plugin of RR collars, or any number of other tools.
[20:41] Janie Janus: through the menu system

Another question:
[20:41] Emilee Gackt: Where do i get the plug in?
[20:41] Emilee Gackt: Wherever fine RR collars are sold?

[20:41] Cerowain Ceawlin: Is already part of the updated RR collars, Emilee
[20:41] Peachey Giles: the plugin is built in to many collars and other attachments. Depends what you are using

Another question, different but related to the one i had just asked:
[20:42] Emilee Gackt: So if i get a new collar, i'd be all set then?

[20:42] Cerowain Ceawlin: yup
[20:42] Nova Binder: Cerowain! :)
[20:43] Cerowain Ceawlin: Nova!!! :-)

Nova!!! :-) Woohoo!

A suggestion:

[20:43] Janie Janus: have you looked at Open collar?
[20:44] Emilee Gackt: Not yet but i will, thanks [When i say ' i will' i mean 'i will with Mistress' permission']
[20:44] Janie Janus: it does whay you want
[20:44] Janie Janus: what*

[20:42] Brianna Pfalz: the free open collars also have rlv plugins

[20:42] Emilee Gackt: Including the outfit plug in?
[20:42] Brianna Pfalz: Just join the group and you can take any and all of them
[20:43] Brianna Pfalz: RLV is built into the collars...just need to activate RLV in it
[20:43] Emilee Gackt: Got it. Thanks!
[20:43] Brianna Pfalz: Freee is good
[20:43] Brianna Pfalz: they have cuffs too
[20:43] Brianna Pfalz: place can be a little laggy if very many are there
[20:43] Brianna Pfalz: but you can take one of everything if you want
[20:43] Peachey Giles: Open Collar has the function built in as does things like the MARS ring and most of the better collars and wearable items

[20:44] Emilee Gackt: Thanks.

So… this is great advice and gives lots of reasons to be optimistic except that last bit about the Mars Ring. That’s what Mistress currently tries to use and according to Marine, it won’t work and/or she can’t help with it. So if that should work and doesn’t, would an Open Collar be the same or could that be the end of this ongoing, never ending drama?

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