Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maybe if i upgrade the ring?

The ideal solution is one where i just fix everything. Mistress would be pleased with that. So tonight i set out to try to update my ring with high hopes and nothing but optimism.

Just as i got to the Mars Ring place and everything rezzed and i found the vendor and got the notecard and read it and was ready to try it... Mistress logged in.

Kind of a good news/not really bad news thing.

i didn't make much progress with the ring but (and i know this will sound trite, contrived and maybe even conniving) i made a lot of progress with Mistress. Sometimes you spend time with someone and the talk gets deeper and deeper and before you know you are all of a sudden just sort of watching watching words fly out of your mouth, wondering to yourself, 'Did i really just say that?'

In my case, i did because i have the notecard to prove it.

i really am grateful for Her and i hate that i need to be reminded of how much trust i can place in Her hands without the need for fear, worry, alarm, shame... all forms of the dreaded T-word really.

i do love Her immensely.

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