Saturday, October 17, 2009

Murphy's law

i logged in this morning and was delighted to see Mistress log in a few minutes later and then delighted again when Jan logged in a few minutes after that. Of course i had to tell Jan that i was with Mistress and of course She understood (as usual). It seems so long since i've seen either of them.

The big news today was a choice i was given. Maybe it is better to call it a dilemma. Mistress had arranged for me to be admitted to an SL prison.

**Side note**
According to a mutual friend, Mistress' RL has been quite busy and apparently hard to manage lately and so Her time online has been less than in the past.

Mistress felt like this prison 'sentence' would be best for me in her temporary absence and intermittent times online. Honestly i agreed until She explained it a bit better.

It is easier to get into the prison than out of it and while there it is unlikely that i would see Her much. i would only interact with the staff. The way She made it sound, i might not actually get out at all.

So over the course of our conversation, my fate in SL boiled down to two options:
1. Prison
2. Get a job dancing

Here is the odd part. If it weren't for the possibility of losing Mistress (and my friends), i would take the prison term over the dancing in an instant. i really abhor the idea but on the other hand, if it makes Mistress happy to see me dancing, then i will become a dancer.

i also have to admit that there is a lot of curiosity about this prison and what makes it so bad.

According to one lunatic we met outside the prison, the worst thing is that there is a particular Mistress at the prison who wishes RL cancer on your friends. Long story... obviously some language barriers and misunderstandings there but Mistress (my Mistress - not the lunatic or the so-called cancer wisher) showed Her remarkable patience once again by trying to have a sane conversation with this person, even though it was decidedly one sided.


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