Thursday, October 1, 2009

The last few days in the life of the gackt

[20:13] Jaan Dubrovna: Emilee!
[20:13] Jaan Dubrovna: How are yu?
[20:14] Emilee Gackt: Good thanks.
[20:14] Emilee Gackt: What a weird few days i've had.
[20:14] Jaan Dubrovna: reallu?
[20:14] Jaan Dubrovna: really?
[20:14] Emilee Gackt: You type like me all of a sudden.
[20:14] Emilee Gackt winks
[20:15] Jaan Dubrovna: I was in the middle of uploading 4 textures at once
[20:15] Jaan Dubrovna: SL doesn't like to do too many things at the same time
[20:15] Jaan Dubrovna: and I still haven't rezzed
[20:15] Emilee Gackt laughs.
[20:15] Emilee Gackt: All gray and no hair?
[20:16] Jaan Dubrovna: so far just a big cotton ball
[20:16] Emilee Gackt smiles.
[20:16] Jaan Dubrovna: whew, there I am
[20:16] Emilee Gackt: How will you make clothes to fit a cotton ball?
[20:16] Emilee Gackt: Oh good.
[20:16] Emilee Gackt: So i left Sunday for Cleveland...
[20:17] Jaan Dubrovna: okay
[20:17] Emilee Gackt: Flight canceled, flew to Chicago, waited forever, left for Cleveland, got there about 11:00 Monday.
[20:17] Emilee Gackt: 11:00 am
[20:17] Jaan Dubrovna: okay
[20:18] Emilee Gackt: At his point it is a 25 hour trip, just to get there.
[20:18] Emilee Gackt: *this point
[20:18] Jaan Dubrovna: like the Phillipines sheesh
[20:18] Emilee Gackt: Yea
[20:18] Emilee Gackt laughs
[20:18] Emilee Gackt: So i get to the hotel... no wait...
[20:19] Emilee Gackt: i stopped at Target and bought a case of water, granola bars, stuff for training, etc.
[20:19] Jaan Dubrovna: okay
[20:19] Emilee Gackt: THEN got to the hotel at about1 pm
[20:19] Emilee Gackt: Went to sleep
[20:19] Emilee Gackt: Got a phone call at about 4 pm
[20:19] Emilee Gackt: My boss' boss.
[20:19] Emilee Gackt: Never good when a VP calls you directly.
[20:19] Jaan Dubrovna: uh oh
[20:20] Jaan Dubrovna: I guess not
[20:20] Emilee Gackt: So the client cancelled the training .
[20:20] Emilee Gackt: i had to fly back the next day.
[20:20] Jaan Dubrovna: oh, you are kidding
[20:20] Jaan Dubrovna: :shakes her head
[20:20] Emilee Gackt: So i left for the Cleveland Airport and got a call from another client while i was on the way.
[20:21] Emilee Gackt: i told him i'd take care of him at the airport when i could get on their wifi.
[20:21] Emilee Gackt: Returned my Kia Rondo rental car, got to the airport...
[20:21] Emilee Gackt: One sec - Dave's home
[20:21] Emilee Gackt: Be right back
[20:21] Jaan Dubrovna: kk
[20:26] Emilee Gackt: So THEN....
[20:26] Jaan Dubrovna: so then
[20:27] Emilee Gackt: i get to through security, go to the gate, find a plug get unpacked, turn on my laptop...
[20:27] Emilee Gackt: No wifi.
[20:27] Jaan Dubrovna: amazing
[20:28] Jaan Dubrovna: must be every other airport in the country has wifi
[20:29] Emilee Gackt: So i figured i would just call someone at work in AZ and have them take care of it for me and i would go read and have lunch/dinner for three hours.
[20:29] Jaan Dubrovna: sure
[20:29] Emilee Gackt: So i go to my Blackberry ('cuz i'm cool like that) and go into my contacts...
[20:29] Jaan Dubrovna laughs
[20:30] Emilee Gackt: ...which is full of names from the Philippines. Not a single US name in my phone.
[20:30] Emilee Gackt: So i sat and sighed for a while.
[20:30] Jaan Dubrovna: oh, too funny
[20:30] Emilee Gackt: Then - brainstorm!
[20:30] Emilee Gackt: i'll look in my received calls in my phone!
[20:30] Jaan Dubrovna: there you go
[20:31] Emilee Gackt: All the numbers where i work start with 446 so i'll just look for people who called me from a 446 number, right?
[20:31] Jaan Dubrovna: okay ...
[20:31] Emilee Gackt: Turns out, when you call from where i work, an 800 number shows up, not the direct dial number.
[20:31] Emilee Gackt: More sighing.
[20:32] Jaan Dubrovna laughs
[20:32] Emilee Gackt: Then the client calls me and asks me if i've decided anything yet.
[20:32] Emilee Gackt: i decided that i would rather not be in Cleveland.
[20:32] Jaan Dubrovna laughs
[20:33] Emilee Gackt: So finally i remembered that there is a man at work who has my old number.
[20:33] Emilee Gackt: i called it, got him, had him give me the name of every relevant person i could think of.
[20:33] Emilee Gackt: All the managers, my boss, departments heads, etc.
[20:34] Jaan Dubrovna: yeah
[20:34] Emilee Gackt: probably 9 people.
[20:34] Emilee Gackt: Every single one of them was away from their desk.
[20:34] Emilee Gackt: i left 9 voice mails. 'Please call asap, thanks.'
[20:34] Emilee Gackt: Only 1 person called me back.
[20:34] Emilee Gackt: Sheesh.
[20:34] Jaan Dubrovna: that is funny
[20:35] Emilee Gackt: But i FINALLY had somone to hand this problem off too and for the trouble i rewarded myself with a big greasy cheeseburger at the airport restaraunt.
[20:35] Jaan Dubrovna: yum
[20:35] Emilee Gackt: Which i am pretty sure is spelled wrong.
[20:36] Emilee Gackt: Let's call it a cafe.
[20:36] Jaan Dubrovna: Sigh
[20:36] Jaan Dubrovna: so you made it out of Cleveland alive whew
[20:36] Jaan Dubrovna: that is funny Emilee
[20:36] Emilee Gackt: Barely.
[20:36] Emilee Gackt laughs
[20:36] Jaan Dubrovna: i bet you didn't find the humor at the time though
[20:37] Emilee Gackt: Oh no... i was in stitches.
[20:37] Emilee Gackt: Really.
[20:37] Jaan Dubrovna: well good
[20:37] Emilee Gackt: Busting a gut the whole time.
[20:37] Emilee Gackt laughs
[20:37] Emilee Gackt: So today...
[20:37] Jaan Dubrovna: yes......
[20:37] Emilee Gackt: They tell me i am going back on 10/12.
[20:38] Jaan Dubrovna: back to Cleveland?
[20:38] Jaan Dubrovna: wonderful
[20:38] Jaan Dubrovna laughs
[20:38] Emilee Gackt: Yep. Round 2 of Cleveland vs. Emilee.

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